Why me?  To walk you through step-by-step how to use excel spreadsheets for your business or situation?

I may have stumbled upon entrepreneurship accidentally, but since I made the commitment to grow my business and help people as much as I can, I realized I needed a way to offer support for customers through the entire journey of buying a template and getting spreadsheets to work for their unique situation. 

You had questions… how could I not offer more ways to help?

After selling templates for over 4 years, I’ve gotten a range of all types of questions from my customers and I’ve always tried to help them via email regardless of which template they bought or how much or how little they knew about excel spreadsheets – no question is ever a silly question.

These questions are what has led me to create this just for those who need it – a basic excel crash course!  With step-by-step videos that cover all the basics and most common problem areas when you first get started working with worksheets. 

You probably don’t have the time or patience to sit through every possible feature an excel spreadsheet can do… and that’s why I’ve picked out just the areas that are most relevant to someone using these templates for a small handmade or product based business.